When taking the plunge into the world of home loans and property investment, the challenge often lies in knowing which expert to approach for help. Brokers and financial planners, although similar in their professional outlook, cater to different financial objectives.


Brokers that offer credit advice must be qualified and licensed loan advisers with in-depth knowledge of home loans. We must also provide suitable options for a range of different financial situations. This could also include asset or commercial finance. As part of the service, we negotiate with lenders to arrange the loans and manage the process through to settlement.

When it comes to talking about you debt structure or interest rates, it’s really need to be done by a qualified & experienced mortgage brokers.


Financial planners assist with managing your long term financial plans. They can help you sort through and select options for investment and insurance, with attention paid to retirement planning, estate planning and investment analysis.  Planners essentially focus on your wealth-creation strategy, incorporating your superannuation, life insurance, and other wealth protection insurances.

A financial planner’s work is wide-reaching and important to your long-term financial health and stability. Options relating to loans and refinancing can only be recommended by qualified brokers.

In some situations, it would be best to include both types of financial professionals. For instance, if we’re helping you refinance your loans in order to undertake a financial investment, a financial planner can step in to help you to assess the best investment option for you.

There is rarely a time when are dealing with just a Client on their their loan. We always take into consideration how it fits within the broader scope of their financials plans and long term strategy.

In short, it really depends on your situation. If you are unsure, please feel free to reach out and we can always recommend you to a planner if we think you require one! 

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